Village Players


Aug 03 2018


8:00 pm



Ken Ludwig’s A Fox on the Fairway

Synopsis: A Fox on the Fairway is a fast-paced, extremely funny farce spoofing the stuffy members of a private country club. This madcap adventure about love, life and, of course, golf is filled with slamming doors, mistaken identities and all the shenanigans you have come to expect from Ken Ludwig. 

Cast of Characters: 
HENRY BINGHAM: played by Bob Rautenberg – Director of the Quail Valley Country Club. He is witty and cynical at times, much like Basil Fawlty from Fawlty Towers. 
PAMELA PEABODY: played by Joyce Wood – A member of the Quail Valley Country Club. She is very attractive and sophisticated, but a bit loose and a bit of a drinker. 
JUSTIN HICKS: played by Paul Stewart – Bingham’s new eager-to-please assistant who volunteers his services as a golfer to help Quail Valley win the golf tournament. 
LOUISE HEINDBEDDER: played by Emily Marsh – A waitress at the Quail Valley Country Club. She is very attractive, and a bit flighty, but studious. 
DICKIE BELL: played by Russ Ellis – The director of the rival Crouching Squirrel Country Club, with whom Bingham gets into a high-stakes bet. He is a bit obnoxious, including his fashion sense, but tries to come off as good-natured. 
MURIEL BINGHAM: played by Michaela Andruzzi – Bingham’s wife, generally overbearing and stern, she somehow has a soft spot for Dickie.
GOLFING AUDIENCE: played by Joshua Spaulding.
Bob is looking forward to a wonderful, funny production of this Ken Ludwig offering. If you liked Leading Ladies, Moon Over Buffalo, andLend Me A Tenor, you will want to see A Fox on the Fairway.